Mid Autumn in Austin – Part 1

This is my 1st blog entry!!! ^^ This blog is started so that I can update you guys on my life here and maybe I would continue it even when I am back…

I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog about 2 months ago but I thought the time that I would be away would be a good start.

  1. I do not need write mass emails to update people on my life here. For those interested (kpoh) about my life here would come to the blog and read it.
  2. I would not be irriating people with my emails for those who may not want to read about me =p
  3. I would like to try out the life of a blogger

Ok, let’s get started… I left Spore on Fri to start my 24 hours flight journey to Austin. I left Spore with a heavy heart this time because of family and frens. I am also having issues with my life currently so I really left home quite unhappy this time. But I thought to myself, a 11 weeks break may be GOOD?!!! I may be able to think stuff through..

I was stuck in Taipei for 3 hours because there was some fleet roatation for my flight. Luckily there was internet connection in the lounge. I also found my BE WITH YOU novel in the small, tiny bookstore in the airport!!! *^_^* ( I was looking high and low for this novel since I cried buckets full of tears with my frens watching this movie)

I finally reached LA after 20 hours +++ and met up with Nyuk Fui and his gf for a short dinner at Santa Monica. I haven’t seen NF for 4 months already. ( The mystery of him putting on more or less weight will be revealed when he goes back to Spore. My mouth’s zipped meanwhile) *^_^* It was a short but happy reunion as he’s my best buddy at work since we know each other from our IA times. Anyway I was wide awake the entire night in LA due to jet lag and my mind started to roam again…( alot of ” ? ? ? ” started to appear)

I got into Austin on Sat noon (9/17) and my US sup came to pick me up to drop me off at my hotel. The hotel is pretty neat although I am the only person who’s staying here as the usual hotel they put us is currently full. I am quite an independent person however I still have my fears being REALLY alone as I am quite paranoid at times. Although this is my 2nd trip to Austin, but I had an apartment the last time and have never really been cut off from the rest in the past. (This time I am really alone… T_T and staying alone in a hotel room for 11 weeks? I am scared…of ghosts) I just got a feeling that things ain’t going to be darn right since I left Spore. Anyway, I change room immediately I entered my room as the carpet was soaking wet (SEE!!!). So Room 520, Homewood Suites would be my home for the next 11 weeks or so….Then, I realise that this room do not have LAN (after I finished UNPACKING!!!!) Then front desk told me that Room 520 don’t have LAN only wireless, the original room had LAN. I was like “duh”…. But of cos ^^, being the smart xuan-er I had stuffed my wireless card into my laptop bag on the last night at home. HAHA! Imagine that if I was too lazy to wake up in the middle of the night fretting what stuff I had left out. I would not have internet connection!!!

This is how my room looks like

This is my breakfast that I had today. This is what I would be having for the rest of 80 days. =(

I picked up my car today. Guess what….This is my number plate… (dunno is it I thinking too much??) Hertz gave me Hyundai Electra which I think the car pick up is not so good and the car is way too low. The lady gave me this because she’s KOREAN and want me try Korean car (“,)””

That’s all for the entry. To be continued after I get back from dinner at Mui-Hiang’s place to celebrate Mid-Autumn


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  1. Ongky
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 03:35:07

    howdy! it was a really touching movie wasn’t it. i didn’t know there was actually a book.

    oh ya. welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

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