New York New York

I think the sleeping bug must be manifesting in me. I get so tired from work that the only thing that is on my mind is to sleep straight after work!!! Work was mentally exhausting today but I did not get any progress in the analysis (damn…..*_*) I nearly fell asleep at the laundry area as I was down there for the past hour to do my laundry.Hurricane Rita is on the news round the clock and it does give you another perspective of how the Americans report a natural disaster and something that affects their people. I believe Austin would be fine but I do not have any weekend plans this week just in case (since my driving sucks! Doubt I can make it in a thunderstorm too :p )

Besides Rita, the next biggest thing in Austin that is catching the news is the ACL Music Festival . This is the biggest music event held annually in Austin. You get 3 straight days of music from different bands and 65,000(???) people come from all over the country to enjoy it. The tickets are so difficult to get that I haven’t got the chance to grab one the 2 times I am here.

OH yeah, NEW YORK! New York New York here I come. Finally got the chance to see the REAL Statue of Liberty! I bought my air ticket already. I would be visiting the Big Apple with Kelly aka
OpAmp. This would be a weekend trip only as I got a busy work schedule and my kind friend who would be putting us up would only be free on the weekend. The domestic ticket in US is so expensive that I have to pay a freaking USD360 for the flight!! ( It only cost S$1000 to fly to New York from Singapore!)


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