Mid Week Rambling……

I woke up quite depressed this morning (due to some comment I heard yesterday night) and to my utter horror my eyes are getting to be more crossed, red and bit swollen. *aiyo* +_+ But I did not want my day to be spoiled…. It sucks to be depressed and it would suck even more when you allow yourself to sink deeper into it when you know you DO not deserve it. ( People who are working with you do not deserve that sulky face too)

So I spend the morning making myself pretty by going to work all dressed up and made up. People asked me if I am going out tonight. Unfortunately, I am not (but I wouldn’t mind if there is a HOT date 😉

Took this photo after I got back from work, the redness is lessened and the wonders of mascara to lengthen those lashes ^^ Scary hor! THE EYE


Ok lah, show you my face lah

I took my weight on Sunday, *Yipee* I lost 3 kg!! However, I think I would be gaining the weight/fats back by my night snacking since I do not have much to eat at dinner at times so I eat carrots, tomatoes and potato chips. Today, I was a happy woman at lunch because *ta lah*

CHINESE FOOD!! *shake head* I did not eat alot (because I just lost weight mah) because I was drinking so much soup that I got full quite fast. I miss my soups….*sob* The spread was not too bad but I think it is still quite americanised Chinese buffet but I got my rice, my stir fried vegatables and soup. Why should I complain. If any of the Singaporeans reading this would think this would be like Pariss in Singapore, you’re wrong. This look like this……

No signs of sashimi, seafood and not much sushi. What you expect for a USD$7 buffet..duh 😉

China Habor
801 East William Cannon Drive
Austin, TX 78745-6602, United States


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