Fredricksburg/Mall/6th Street

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It was a busy day………I am feeling better but then my nose is still leaking…..I have used like 1/2 a box of tissue. Boy, my nose hurts but I still followed the rest to Fredricksburg for a hike up the Enchanted Rock cos it beats better than to breathe in the stale air in the hotel and cooped in the room.

Enchanted Rock entrance / People climbing up the rock

The over view of the Enchanted rock area

Enchanted Rock is situated towards the northeast of the Hill Country region, 18 miles from Fredericksburg along ranch road 965. It rather isolated and is not on a direct route to anywhere else, so some determination is needed to visit. The park is now a National Natural Landmark and part of the state park system, one of the most popular sites in Texas for several reasons – the scenery is unusual, the summit is easily reached and has fine views over the countryside, different habitats harbour varied wildflowers, cacti and other plants, and there are good hiking trails and rock climbing routes.

Xuan before the climb / Making my way up

Alamak, the climb is not easy lah for someone who cannot breathe through her nose and the rock was so steep that I was so scared of rolling down when I was going up. But the breeze up there was damn shiok!!! It was a freaking 32 degrees today (for fall?!!!) that I wore my summer clothings. Some of the pple were late so we started late so we started our climb at 1230pm at the peak of the sun and HUNGRY! I nearly died before I reached the top of hunger and heat and out of breath (That means, it is time I started to excercise!)

KP, KK, Xuan and GB at the top

View of the Texas Hill Country from the top the Enchanted Rock.

The view from the top just typical of the Texas Hill country but the breeze was good.

Lunch / Main Street

By the time we came out and reached the Main Street of Fredricksburg was already 2pm. I like this town as it has a very Euoprean feel since most of the settlers here were from Germany. The German falvour was very strong and it is well known for its German Beer. I got myself a Porter today (dark bier) but it taste like soy sauce to me!

There is a sale at JC Penney today so the guys wanna check it out. We were at the mall for 1.5 hours and I was the only one who didn’t get anything! CAn you believe it :p Then we went back to the hotel for dinner and shower before heading down to 6th street. We went to HRC to buy some stuff and I brought them to Cubra Libre for some music and drink. I recommended them the Mojito – Cuban drink that consist of rum, mint leaves, 7-up and sugar cane. It is something you cant find in Singapore. I asked for another drink – Vodka Lime but the server didn’t understand what I was saying. Seem like Vodka Lime is known as GIMLET here. I learnt another new thing today.


Ahhhhh…I am soooooooooooo tired…….my nose is leaking again and my migraine is acting….IT is time to sleep and take my med…..130am liao…..I know why I am not getting better cos I do not have enuf sleep and too much drinks :p……….*yawn*


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