Mad rush Friday and Saturday

Got home at 230am on Friday night so was too tired to write anything. I went to San Antonio for a dinner and drinks and basically to bring Adrian to see the city that is quite happening. San Antonio is very different from Austin. I guess it is the riverwalk and Alamo that made it different and more romantic city than Austin. Frankly, what can go wrong at a place that is surrounded by eateries and bars along the man made river and little boat cruises along it. The trees along the river had little lights on for the Xmas. Too bad I couldnt stay out too late cos I was too tired if not it would be more fun to hang out a little longer there. But I was really really tired.

Adrain gave me a little surprise yesterday. He said that I must help him try on some Tshirts that he bought for his friends to make sure they are the right size…So I tried on the different sizes of Tshirt and told him that S was good. It is a little loose but then it is better than tight XS so I guess his girlfriends would prefer this size. THen he said “u sure? confirm ah.” I was like “Yeah” Comfort is more important. Then he did the thing that surprise me, tore off the price tag and said “that’s for u” (=_=)!! WHAT?!! Not for me lah, for ur friends….Well, he said that is an excuse if not how would he know what is my size. He said he wanted to say thanks to me for showing him around Austin the time he was here. Well, thanks to nice thoughts…..It was an unexpected nice gesture of him.

San AntonioRiverwalkRiverwalkXmas lights

Night View of San Antonio

Xuan in her fall wearXmas lights
Xuan in her Fall wear

Slept all the way and relunctantly woke up at 950am on Saturday and went to help this aquaintance I met in the hotel. Argh, it was a disaster……Basically she made me late by 2 hrs for my appointment with Andrew for disc golf. Long story…..I just know next time, anyone not my friend asked me for help. I must must must remember to say NO.

Yup, disc golf was fun but I woke up today with a sore arm and aching legs….Since the weather went up to 30 degrees again on Saturday we went for disc golf.(It has been some time since I exercise.) Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee. The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Each consecutive throw is made from where the disc came to rest after the last throw. Score is determined by counting the number of throws made on each hole plus penalty throws and then summing all holes.The winner is the player who completes the course with the lowest score. The course consists of a series of holes laid out so that when the player completes one hole he or she proceeds to the beginning of the next until all the holes have been played. Disc golf courses are normally 18 holes in length, but there are also 9-hole, 22-hole, 24-hole and 27-hole courses in existence

We had 3 basic disc namely the distance picker to help you to throw as far as you can. Multi purpose is used next when you are like half the distance away from your pole hole. Putt and approach are used last wehn you are near your hole to throw it in. There are alot more disc for different use like curve and etc..but the basic 3 are enough for beginners. It was tiring especially some of the holes were like across a small river, I was praying hard that it will not end up in the waters. Some time when it land in the bushes it was also quit trying to retrieve them.

The golf The disc

Pole Hole, an elevated metal basket / The differnet discs for different needs
Booth selling disc at Pease ParkXuan throwing

Booth at Pease Park selling disc / Xuan throwing

We finished the 18 holes in1.5 hours…..then we went to meet up Mui-Hiang and her family for a Korean BBQ dinner…No pics 😦 cos my camera died…

Downtown partying was next. Met up the group at Andrew’s house to play cards then went to downtown around 11-ish…Adrian met us up for alittle bit since he was flying out on Sunday morning. 6th street was as usual as mad and tons of people were out…..We just bar hop a litte and the bars close at 2am. Went for supper at Taco Cabana and the temperature just plumment from 26 to 12 degrees…Was freezing……Got home at about 430am and chatted online till about 6am….heee..that is why I could only blog now :p

Had a little embrarassing moment on 6th yesterday….Was trying to catch up with the guys and I din see a hole in front of me…and I fall flat on my face when my 1 of my heels was caught there…damn….break that fall with both hands but I had to hobble around laters..THe left ankle still hurts (=_=)!!

Chuggin Monkeys.down congress
With the Austin policeCheers

6th Street / Down Congress

With the Austin Police / The gals

That is my new dress…nice?
Xuan in new dress


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