Texas Renaissance Festival, Fall 2004

The Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) is one of the USA’s largest, most acclaimed renaissance theme parks where the sights, sounds, tastes and beauty of the 16th Century come alive. Every fall for the TRF has authentically recreated a 16th century English village on a 55-acre site in a beautiful East Texas pine forest. Here over 300 shops line tree shaded lanes where you are also likely to meet Lords and Ladies, jugglers, heroes, artisans, showmen, or even King Henry VIII himself! Venture to the Tournament Field and witness knights jousting for the honour of fair maidens, or chariots careening around the Tournament Field Lake. Around every corner you’ll find continuous entertainment on over twenty stages, unique games and rides, and bountiful food and drink from around the world!

Texas Renaissance Festival

Xuan with the Beefeaters guarding the gates / Maiden selling garlands

Some of the people in costumes

Texas Renaissance Festival II
Watching the tournament / Fairies in the Garden

Mythical people

It was a 4 hour plus ride from Austin to Plantersville. I felt like being transported to the olden times. The day ended with a 15min fireworks display which made the $20 tix worth it. However, I didnt buy any gifts back cos I thought it was too expensive.

Anyway..this sunday was spent at home…doing marketing, washing the air conditioning, msn-ing and migraine acting up today……nothing much else …Hope to sleep enuf tonight cos it will be a long week ahead….


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