Impromtu Gulf Coast Road Trip

** backdated post **

This was a impromtu weekend trip as I was supposed to be working over the weekend. However, they convinced to go (they say, there is always wireless!!!)…Anyway, they were all laughing at me when they were playing around at George’s place in night and I was working from his laptop…Well, there’s always a price to pay rite 😉

Starting on the road trip

Starting on the road trip / Along the way
The LAYERS of freeway in Houston / Artistic shot of the sun

Peking Duck

So we went for a Peking duck dinner, I had not have it for years! Amy ordered 2 ducks cos we have like 8 people. It was a feast and it was the last day of the CNY too =) We were all stuffed and they started playing around with the duck wraps and they turn more n more like a TACOPEking Duck

Peking Duck group with some of my friends in Houston

The Galleria

After dinner, we headed to Galleria to check out 1 of the biggest malls in TX or is it in Houston? I think it is much bigger than Vivo City and they have sections ranging from the high end to the other wing that have the normal stuff. They even have a ice skating rink too!!!

Group shot: George, Xuan, Carlos and Amy

Roc Bar, Houston

Jan took us to the hottest chill spot in Houston currently. Oh man, the babes there are sooooooooooo dressed up. I was frezzing in the outdoor patio but they were all wearing those super low cut and short dresses, the guys were all dressed up too. I guess the going out scene in a BIG city is different from the more relaxed and laid back Austin. When we left at 1230am, the queue outside the bar was LONG…..

At the Mantering house

Group shot before we left George’s place in Sugarland

Moody Garden, Texas

Breakfast was great, his parents woke up early to make a hearty meal for us. Then we started on our 1 hour drive to Galvenston Island to check out the coast and visit the pretty Moody Gardens that houses an aquarium, rain forest greehouse and science museum in 3 pyramids. Amy told me that people like to come here and take their weddin photos.Leaping 1 Leaping 2

Then it was a drive through the coastal region, the great thing is the beach access that your car can drive onto the beaches. These are my 2 fav photos from the trip.

It takes 2 engineers to pay for parking. Apparently the paid parking is like a “trust” system. You’re supposed to stuff the bills in when no one is in the lots. But the slots are so small that you need to insert the bills 1 by 1 then use ur nails or keys to stuff the notes in.

Galveston Main Street, Texas
Quick lunch stop and a drive through the Galvenston Main Square. The architecture there is very old and you get a feeling that there is some history along the streets.

Kemah, Texas

Went to Kemah to enjoy the sea breeze and for Carlos to check out the place.

Dinner was at a nice Korean place called Seoul Gardens (this seoul gardens is better than spore one hor 😉 ) Carlos is sad cos the Jamaicann places he wants to bring us to are all closed so he had no choice but to eat Korean food with us.

It was a good trip…had lots of fun and laughters…..We didnt plan much for this trip cos it was only decided at like 930pm when I left work on Fri night……..Since Carlos’s car has GPS so we just go wherever that we want


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Craftsman
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 03:23:12

    So nice to have a large country to explore and visit. Singapore too small. No where to go for trip. 😦

  2. xuan-er
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 11:15:03

    got lah…sugei boloh….pualu ubin..bukit timah…..
    n of cos shopping CENTRES =P

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