Wicked trip to Houston

SP and I made our way to Houston on Sat to catch Wicked. IT WAS FANTASTIC, I would say it is 1 of the best broadway shows that I caught. The show was sold out and everyone there was so dressy…Dresses and suits and I hear that there was 2700 that night. The story on the musical is different from the book but then it gives us some insights of the characters that spin from Wizard of Oz. Maybe for everything there is 2 sides of the coin, we shouldn’t let hearsay cover our eyes to believe what we think it is. On the contrary, what we see may not be what it is 🙂 That is my conclusion from the show.

Crome, Houston
Met up with Jan and Leslie after show though it was crappy weather in Houston. Had funtime with the gals.

The weather was pretty lovely on Sun so spent a lazy noon at Kemah and also Hermman’s Park in Downtown Houston. The park was filled with people relaxing under the sun and enjoying the music from the school band that was playing there.

Sometimes I wonder why does the parks in US is so pretty? Or is it good company? But the layout seems to be the same everywhere though 😛

ps: Due to eating too much spicy food and from the rain from Houston…Think the cold bug is coming again 😦


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