Easter Weekend

I did not get Good Friday off but I still woke up early on Saturday to make a 3 hours drive north….

where was I going? It was for a picnic

Dallas in Bloom Take 2
I headed for Dallas in bloom, take 2 for me. The theme this year was Texas all star so I thought most of the flowers would be Texas based. They had plant sculptures of a Longhorn and a horse. The main centre piece was a Star and a bonnet. Last year was a butterfly. Overall, the flowers were similar to what I saw last year so I did not take a lot of photo…..mainly also I did not have a kickass SLR to take nice photos. The weather is warming up earlier than last year so most of the tulips had opened up.

This is 1 of the better shots I took. Yellow, means life..means energy!!!

Korea Garden
There was nothing much I want to see in Dallas so made the 3 hours drive back to Austin. Went to the outlet to do some shopping since i have some time. Then headed to Korea Garden for some late dinner. In my battle of the Korean soups, i conclude the Soon Tofu from Korean House to be the winner as the ingredients were more fresh and the soup came out pipping hot! Yeah, I have been having soon tofu in all the Korean joints I have been visiting to find a place with the nicest soon tofu 😛

Kim Son
People here will have Easter brunch for religious reasons….the bunch of us headed for our version of Easter brunch in the newly opened Chinese place, Kim Son. This is a chain from Houston. The food is pretty ok but the service was lacking. Surprisingly, the place got filled up even though it was new.

easter bbq
Evening I headed to Shaggy’s place. This is the 1st time I got to see him since I got back. He had a bbq where the main meat was RABBIT! I just had a teeny weeny bit cos it is kinda weird to me to be eating rabbit. It taste like chicken though. The children were playing tattooist and had tattoo all over the face, neck, arm etc….I was convinced to have some too so I am having a “tattoo” on my foot now 😛


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