Another me time FRIDAY

ION 1st look. On 1st glance, the mall felt big and I did get lost in it trying to find the Shu Uemura store after I detoured to check out the basement. However, considering you take off the upper 4 levels (where the shops that offer items I would never be able to afford unless I starve myself for at least 6 months) It feels and looks like a normal mall that is along the Orchard stretch. The only few stores that caught my attention were Kiehl’s ( cos of the free samples they were giving out), Shu Uemura’s flagship store, Zara (it’s HUGE!) and the many many many many food stores in the basement…Too bad, I only had 1 hour there so I would definitely go back to check out the place again.

la mer
Main reason of the distraction was to redemn the trial facial given by La Mer from the last workshop session. Stole the photos from my sister who went 1 week earlier as I did not take any photos during the session. I love this kind of me time session as the mind totally relaxes and drifted off to some far away place when they work on my face. I guess I dozed off again this time and woke up groggily after 45min….

peranakan museum
Feeling refreshed and I jumped/hopped my way to play host to Y san. Decided to take him to the Peranakan Muesum since he was interested in Peranakan food and he did not believe that such a museum exist as he never heard of this muesum from his past visits. It was a first for me too. I guessed watching the TV serial, Little Nonya, helped as almost everything in the museum looked familiar some how that I could explain a little to hom….He had me speechless when he started speaking fluent Mandarin to me! =_=!! To think we had been speaking English and my limited Japanese phrases (like less than 10?!) You just learn new things everyday don’t you and it is amazing when someone whose native speaking tongue is not Mandarin and tells you his vast interest in the Chinese culture/language and you think back of people who said they don’t want to speak/learn Mandarin when they themselves are Chinese…..Irony! **side thought**


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yb
    Aug 23, 2009 @ 10:56:02

    getting to know ion is very impt for a future tai tai like yrself. good that you checked out the place thoroughly. great work! =P

  2. Xuan-er
    Aug 23, 2009 @ 12:13:21

    please, i dun have a dream of becoming taitai cos i think that is super impossible.

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