White Rabbit

white rabbit
We’ve been talking about this place for some time and for HS’s birthday we all headed there for lunch as it is cheaper and we won’t mind some time off from work. 🙂 There seems to be a lunch time crowd at Dempsey. I have passed by this restaurant on my many occasions and heard good reviews about it and was looking forward to the meal there. I heard that at night it transforms into another atmosphere 🙂

White Rabbit is housed in a restored church that served European food.

interior 2
Open and airy set up, the only bane was the mosquito bites…..

We got the 3 course set lunch with the Citibank card promotion except YB who choose the 2 course set but had a mysterious additional $10 surcharge on his “special” rib eye. (But I just saw the menu and it is stated “10 supplement”, I guess we overlooked it and seriously I wont notice the 10 supplement and I probably might wonder what it means :P?) Maybe, my English aint’ that great 🙂

The starters we had were
1) Escargot Ravioli served with breaded frog’s legs, parsley coulis and a light fennel emulsion (I never knew frog leg + escargot can be matched up together, it was my 1st time trying out deep fried frogs’ legs, I thought the starter was just average as the fried frog legs were a tad dry)
2) Beef and Vegetable Broth a hearty beef and vegetable consommé served with croûtons
3) Brochette of Roasted Sea Scallops and Crispy Pork Belly served with wakame salad and a sesame soy dressing (Best starters amongst the choices, the pork belly was very fragrant)
4) Lobster Sweetcorn Chowder a light summer corn chowder made with lobster served with slipper lobster and drizzled with tarragon oil ( not overly creamy and with a tinge of sweetness to the tongue)

The mains we had were
1) Grilled Angus Ribeye Steak served with seasonal vegetables, chips and a choice of béarnaise, shallot or pepper sauce (I heard that it was too tough but the fries were great!)
2) Crispy Duck Leg Confit tender confit of duck leg served with Anna potato, braised red cabbage and thyme jus (duck meat so soft that it almost melted in the mouth but portion a tad bit small)
3) 48-hour Braised Short Ribs lightly crisped and served with mashed potatoes and a rich Burgundy-style red wine sauce made with bacon and mushrooms (ribs with no bones 😛 but it was very flavorful, probably due to the long hours of braising)
4) Pan Roasted Salmon served with confit of fennel and citrus ginger beurre blanc (the skin was cripsy and salmon was cooked on the outside and still red in the inside so it was really soft. But I think compared to the rest of the entree, this was the healthy choice :))
5) Wild Mushroom Risotto served with pan fried foie gras, sautéed langoustine and a natural jus (I really like this too, the taste was just different and we initially thought that it looks like an expensive “glutinous rice chicken from dim sum”)

The desserts we had were
1) Warm chocolate cake with sherbet (the warm chocolate oozes out when we cut into it and it was not extremely sweet.)
2) The Black Forest cake. Chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge served with Kirsch jelly and the best brandied cherries (I thought this was the most unique black forest cake I ever encountered. Scraps of the cakes scattered beneath the chocolate mouse roll, with the chocolate ice cream on the side and brandied cherries encased in chewy jelly.  Most important of all, it was not extremely sweet that I could finish all of it even though I was very full)
3) Crepes Suzette homemade crepes flambéed with Grand Marnier at your table side (The most flamboyant dessert amongst all  where the Marnier sauce was prepared in front of you with fresh oranges and lemon…..)

happy bday
Not to forget the birthday boy…..Happy Birthday! 🙂

rabbit hole
The lunch ended with all of us stuffed from our leisurely lunch on a Friday afternoon, catching up and finally more photos at the Rabbit hole with those goofy 70’s look, though it was an expensive lunch but I felt that it was money well spent as everyone of us enjoyed the little gathering on a random Friday afternoon. (I can’t imagine how the bill would look like if you head there for dinner…>_<!!)

39C Harding Road


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. abraxis
    Oct 31, 2009 @ 00:37:57

    How could the rib-eye be tough yet worthy of a surcharge? Why was there a surcharge? Was it for ruining the tenderest and most flavorful steak to come from a cow??

  2. Anonymous
    Oct 31, 2009 @ 03:40:51

    nice…how come you guys are so free on a friday afternoon to meet for lunch? No work for all?

  3. Xuan-er
    Oct 31, 2009 @ 12:15:22

    abraxis: it did not come as a medium as he ordered. lol, i dunno i did not order it…and I was happy with my set. haha
    anonymous: of cos there’s work…but we took vacation time for our friend..:)

  4. Gossipmonger
    Oct 31, 2009 @ 23:23:50

    The victim’s statment: sigh, i ordered the 2 course lunch as i was gg for an 8 course dinner later that day. i really din not notice any $10 supplement on the menu. but i did not pay much attention to the menu in the first place. Ordered a medium steak but it came well done. To lazy to change order. I agree the fries was good. Nothing terrific on the rib eye though.
    Some good pts…saw tommy in the flesh. nice afternoon gathering. glad we made the effort. =)

  5. Sim
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 00:53:28

    It was a wonderful lunch. Good food & good company. What can be better?

    It’s a rare occassion where your friends took leave specially to celebrate your birthday with you. Time is the best present a person can receive, and I received it 6x.
    I am very touched. Thank you folks 🙂

  6. Xuan-er
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 10:39:32

    GM: next time read the menu, don’t just keep on talking 😛
    Sim: our pleasure…:)

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