Greenwood Fish Market Bristo / 2am Dessert Bar

fish market
Back in Greenwood Ave after a few months, same quiet neighborhood but seems to be getting more and more populated with patrons….When the farewell dinner ended at 8pm, the roads were all full and you see lots of cars circling around the estate looking for a spot to park.

Fish Market & Bristo was also packed by 730pm…..and there was already a line at 8pm on a weekday night! It was Oyster night that night where oysters were going for $1/piece and we ordered a dozen. The oyster were huge and creamy and I was already half filled with oysters when my lobster bisque was served…we also had seafood chowder, lobster pasta and charred grilled snapper. Personally, I thought that the grilled snapper had a little fishy taste to it but it was soft and tender……Overall, dinner was great and I fully understand why the place was packed on a weekday….(Maybe for the oysters, cos every table was gorging on the oysters….)

** FYI: Mondays are lobster night ^^ **

34 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park

2am dessert bar
There is always room for dessert isn’t it? Even though we were stuffed fulled with seafood but we chilled at this Dessert bar in Holland Village. I never knew of this place’s existence though I have passed by it the few times I went to that area…. I always love to explore new places and this place gets my thumbs up for a night of chilling and catching up. I really liked the tiramisu cake (though the coffee ice cream kept me up….) There is a 10% discount if you use your UOB card 🙂 This place gets my thumbs up for their unique dessert and reasonable priced drinks

21A Lorong Liput
Holland Village

Have a safe work trip, CY, and see you back in Apr even when you miss “5” public holidays during this period…this is the 1st time I heard someone counted Valentine’s day as a public holiday….(=_=)!!


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