Is this the time for feasting?

I think I am turning into some big Jumbo fan, because this is my “x” time to the seafood chain and I think I have tried the branches at ECP, Clarke Quay, Dempsey and now the other location at Clarke Quay. The Jumbo Seafood Gallery is less populated as compared to the one at Riverside but the food was the standard Jumbo fare……This time the menu consisted of pepper crab, yam scallop and phoenix chicken which actually wasn’t chicken but seafood paste beneath deep fried chicken skin. I guess local seafood is always top of my to eat list whenever I host overseas guests…..

Whooper Bar
My guest can’t wait to try the 1st Asian Whopper Bar even though we were stuffed with seafood and drinks. I think the beer was more of the attraction for the eagerness to try out the place? You don’t get much opportunity to buy beer from a fast food joint…….My feeling? This was probably like our usual fast food joints except that it got packaged to look more classy and serve “adult” drinks. I did not pay much attention to the menu but from what I read, they serve better cuts of meat here but the usual BK fare is served too. Good to try out the place if you want to try something new but the place was pretty dead when we were there.

Clarke Quay
Canon S90 shot……I am just so tempted to get a new camera now……Still deliberating between this Canon S90 …lumix GF1 or just a Lumix 3……

Thank you
Thanks for the book and the fall collection of the Recchiuti and hoped that you had a great trip and enjoying your jet lag and I am waiting for the photos from the farewell dinner 🙂


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