Tang Dian Wang

tang dian wang
I think this place is new…..but I can never be sure as the last I ate at the Suntec basement was probably like more than 1 year ago. The interior looks new and looking from the place that it was not crowded till after 730pm (as compared to Crystal Jade which was already packed at 630pm)

shanghai food
Dinner for the night was Prawns with Pumpkin sauce (highly recommended in the menu but there number of prawns in the plate was pathetically little that we wondered if it was worth the $16 price), Pork Dumpling in Szechuan Chili oil with noodles (we thought it was drowned in vinegar rather than the chili oil), Chinese pear and pork rib soup ( which was not too bad but I usually is not a big fan of non homemade Chinese soup because of MSG, no choice because hair is dropping at a faster rate than it is been growing :p) and egg tofu (which is tofu steamed with the eggs and something else but I cannot remember it, it was a healthy choice for sure but it was HUGE, more like a 4 person serving)

Overall, I would eat there if I want a decent Chinese meal in Suntec and avoiding the crowds but it was little pricey in my opinion, at least the prawns!

3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-033/036 Suntec City Mall


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