Rounding up 2009

Though I am now coughing like crazy and swamped up to the neck with work but I don’t want to stop this little tradition of mine…However, this year….I would just jot those memories with words instead of scrounging through my multiple albums to collage the photos together like what I usually do 🙂

I had a lot of good feeds this year but the highlights are the fine Xi Yan Dinner,  to a nice dinner in Wild Rockets, to a exotic 8 course Chinese dinner in Chef Chan’s Kitchen, to trying out 1 of the finest in Singapore, White Rabbit (though we can only the lunch :P) and discovering the Greenwood area

I did not travel too much for 2009 but I did still step out of the little red dot at times with a CNY Cruise to a short weekend trip to KL. . I also had the opportunity to go to the Philippines to attend favorite co-worker’s wedding and another KL trip when Moon visited and some sister to sister bonding time in Bangkok. Sometimes I also take a little break having a staycation with family and friends to stimulate the Singapore economy as 2009 was still a down time in terms of economy.

As usual, thanks to all my friends and co-workers who are a big and dear part of my life, with annual meet up, birthday celebration, girls night out, weddings, reunion, more reunion, brief Singapore juts and bringing friends from SF, Korea and Japan who visited. Thanks to all my dear babes and hunks who were with me earlier part of the year where you were with me when I needed all of you…Thanks so much 🙂

On a personal side, I was lucky to win the NDP preview tickets, started learning Japanese and shopped a lot on the internet…like alot, alot, alot, alot and alot and I don’t think I am stopping yet..haha….. 😉 1 thing for sure is that I am glad that I was able to spend more time at home with family and friends.

Last but not least, though the start of 2009 was at its downs but it ended with its ups and Dec 2009 holds some dear memories for me that made all the downs insignificant….What did not kill you just made you stronger and I am looking forward to the memories that would be created for 2010

Happy New Year! あけましておめでとう….


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