Singapore from Sushi’s Eyes Part 2

This was a good day to be on the outsides where the weather was cloudy and nice cool breeze was blowing, the only thing is that you don’t know when the rain would come and ruin all your outdoor plans…Next up would be the Marina Barrage, and it is pretty amazing that every time I go I see the Sand’s hotel moving towards their completion phase. I cant wait to check out the sky garden when it is ready later this year.

The barrage is still full of people enjoying kite flying, their picnics and strolls and while we enjoy the nice breeze and watching the sky turned dark and the lights turned up…..

orchard lights
Orchard Christmas lights is something that is not to be missed either….The whole stretch was so crowded that it was a little difficult to walk but it was great to soak in the atmosphere and seeing everything in a blur when you walked…..I remembered that couple of months back, I also took a photos of a photo which had a blurry effect, I still had the same feeling….Happiness and joy is just a spur of moment, enjoy it while you can before you mourn the loss… least you had it for a little while….and that is enough….

1 of my favorite photos from the night…..

city space
I always like to chill out at City Space (though it was not so friendly on the pockets) but an indulgence once in a while when you work so hard is worth it.

city view

pizza's view
Don’t Singapore look so pretty in the night? Thanks to Sushi san’s excellent photography skills that I could steal some photos to share…. 🙂


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