Singapore from Sushi’s Eyes Part 4

Wan dou Sek
Took an extremely long time to find this place as we dropped at the wrong stop waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early and ended up walking for 20min to this place (my bad!) However, all the sweat and walking were worth it as the dim sum this place was really yummy and cheap!!! Only $18 for the 烧卖, jumbo 虾饺, century egg congee, 叉烧 buns and a very tasty 肠粉 drowned in some sesame sauce… place though a bit run down but it is worth a visit and it runs for 24 hours!

Wan Tou Sek
Address: 126 Sims Ave

No Signboard
Surprisingly, I did not think that the dinner was very tasty (maybe I had a lot of thinking going through my mind then), in fact I wonder if the standard dropped. The white pepper crab was a tad disappointing and the steamed bamboo clam was not as yummy as the ones I had in Long beach. Maybe I should have had stuck to black pepper crabs instead.
No Signboard
Address:414 Geylang Road

I got not 1 but 2 Christmas gifts that are extremely useful! ありがとうすしさん,おくりものだいすくですよ…and that’s the end of the whirlwind trip… Singapore, Au revoir…till the next time ^^

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. monkeycrab
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 07:42:25

    I love the dim sum place! It opens 24hrs (i think) cos the last few times I went, they were both in the wee hours of the morning…

  2. Xuan-er
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 07:56:17

    hey babe, is 24hours….i think i would go again..=)

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