Que Pasar

BFF is in town for a short transit from Tokyo before he takes off to KL. It’s a been more than a year since I last saw him and he was literally screaming for UNHEALTHY American bar food the moment he stepped into here as he had stuffed himself silly with sushi and sashimi ( which I wished I was there to eat! )…. So of course what the BFF wants, he gets it….(since I am always an obliging host)….My favorite ICB wings, wedges and flower cheese, we opted to dine in Que Pasar as it is more quiet and much better if you want to talk….Everything washed down with some nice Pinot Noir from USA (that costed like 2.5 time more than it would have costed in USA)

It was a great night to catch up with him and congratulations! 🙂

7 Emerald Hill Road

from japan
As usual, he feeds me with more Japanese goodies…..ah, にほん。。。


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