It is time to celebrate…five

botanic gardens
Grand finale of the celebration is to have a dinner with the family at 1 of the restaurants that I had wanted to try their degustation menu for a long time and I don’t have any reasons to visit it till that day. The sun was setting and you can see a lot of families sitting around basking in the evening sun enjoying the weekend idle away.

au jardin exterior
The colonial building sitting near the entrance to Botanical Gardens is where Au Jardin is. The exterior was kept minimal and you’re greeted with red roses and white orchids.

au jardin
Table settings were of green and white with the same red roses. I love the side balcony where we were sitting, very private and you can look out to the greenery surrounding you. The chandelier hanging in the middle was my favorite centre piece in the balcony area. The soft yellow light against the golden setting sun with the candles in the center of every table gave a feeling of class mixed with some romance.

crispy pork salami with prawn
Crispy pork salami and prawn greeted us first soon after we settled down at our table

pomelo with cockles
Next up is the refreshing pomelo with cockles

hokkaido tomato
Hokkaido Fruit Tomato – Watermelon, Buffalo Mozzarella, Iberian Ham& 25 years old aged balsamic

Alaskan crab
Alaskan King Crab – Carpaccio, White Miso, Kinome Pepper & Oxalis

maine lobster
Maine Lobster – Orange vanilla & Herb Salad

Scallops – caramelized, algae brown butter

Wongbok cabbage
Wongbok cabbage – braised, yellow wine & french caviar

Crispy pork
Crispy Pork with grilled & sweet corn for the non beef eaters

Japanese Wagyu Striploin
Japanese Wagyu Striploin – grilled & sweet corn

shaved mimolette
Granny smith apple with champagne grape with the shaved mimolette

something for the sweet tooth
sweet pastries before the real dessert comes.

warm chocolate cake with mango sorbet
warm chocolate cake with mango sorbet

Last but not least, a tiramisu birthday cake for me !

Au Jardin Les Amis
Address: 1 Cluny Road
EJH Corner House, Singapore Botanic Gardens

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