Seafood buffet
It was all but an accident that we ended up eating lunch here and it was not that bad an idea actually. Seafood lunch buffet at $22.80 ++ with 1 round of the more expensive dishes and ala carte buffet of the rest including dessert. East as much as you can but please do not have big expectations on the taste of the food. It was mediocre but hey, you are not paying for more than $30!

seafood buffet
1 round of the more expensive dishes included coffee steak, sea cucumber, curry crayfish, nonya steam fish, drunken prawns, tomato stewed fish, calamari in Thai chili sauce, deep fried soon hock, scallops with vegetables, shark fins with fish maw and soft shell crab (all portioned properly to the number of people on your table)

Not to forget the individual abalone….no it was a tiny tiny abalone baby 😛

seafood extras
In addition to all of the above, we added on the mayonnaise prawn, tofu with spinach, roast sucks, deer meat, seafood you tiao, lamb stew and some dim sum…..

We were all stuffed to the brim for this lunch….Definitely worthwhile if you are looking to fill your tummy with just seafood and don’t care about the level of cooking nor quality.

Address: 902 East Coast Parkway
Blk A, #01-01/03 Playground @ Big Splash


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