Handcrafted with LOVE

There are reasons why I love the “overseas” shopping (or I should say I am very appreciative to my dearest helpful friends in hand carrying these items back whenever they can afford the luggage space whenever they travel. My friends usually would get orders from us whenever they go off somewhere and only buy the items back when they have extra space for us, and I am really appreciative for their help 🙂 ) as the items are usually cheaper and sometime really cute! This looks like any other post cards that you may receive over the post but flip it over

hao cao tou
You get a 2D radish face…but cutting the cloth out and some stitches (or many stitches later) and 1 hour later, you get a really cute 3d smiley radish….

Next up is the smiling penguin…..with its flapping red legs that you need to make sure they are inserted properly to be sewn so you wont get a 长短脚 penguin.

Making sure the Reynand’s rabbid is sewn with the right side up and not the backside sewn as the front

The jumping smiling sheep…..

The most difficult sewing goes to the elephant as it is totally 3d and I had to make sure the ears are flapping in the same direction and stuffed with the same amount of cotton….

final products
1 week later, I have sewed a total of 1 radish, 3 penguins, 4 rabbids, 3 sheeps, 1 bike and 1 elephant and my personal favorites are the penguin and the elephant…..

I got these from a Taiwan website and they sell a lot of interesting items too. I am interested in their papercrafts, who is willing to haul it back for me? 😛


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