Sheraton Towers Dinner Buffet

sheraton falls
1 of the main attractions of the Sheraton is the waterfall area…..

buffet spread
Dinner buffet selections was a mix of the usual greens, sashimi (with my favorite amaebi), oysters, crayfish, mussels, some roast, pasta station, soups and 8 entree seletions with mainly chicken, duck, stir fried vegetables, noodles, rice and some I can’t remember…..and a station of deep fried items.

Dessert was a small selection of fondue, durian and cakes. My favorite would be the american ginseng with ginger bits jelly with wolfberry.

happy bday!
Free cake for the birthday girl….and of course showered with prezzies….

it's icy
Seriously, if it was not for the DBS voucher I had, I would not have gone there for the dinner buffet which was at $49.80++ as the selection was nice and they did not replenish the seafood which was going really fast. However, the ambiance was nice and the area was actually small so it was good for a cosy night out. They were also kind enough to sit us at the water fall area as I had requested.

39 Scotts Road
GF Sheraton Towers


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