Random hauls over the 3 months

It is surprising, that how much I shop without leaving the comfort of my chair most of the time nowadays….. *click click click*
Ok, this doesn’t count as an overseas haul but I took advantage of the Kiehl’s 20% discount promotion sometimes back. The prices were close enough to the USA prices after the discount as I did a massive buy as their Amino Acid hair care line is really my favorite as it leave the hair really soft and smooth. Got the sunflower line for my mum and sister to try out as they have colored hair.

MM continues
Majorilca from Taiwan….Prices in Taiwan is cheaper by 20% and Taiwan’s prices are lower to Japan’s (surprisingly) due to the strong yen…So buy your majorilca from Taiwan next time.

Castledew lip palette
This technically, cant count as a haul since I got this as a gift….but since it is my new beauty overseas product, I would put it in this entry. Castledew lip palette from Korea, 4 tones of pink colors with the 1st 2 with more shimmer and the other 2 colors in matte form.

book hooks
you need a apple cover?
Taobao purchases (Taobao is like the China ebay but the prices are really cheap but you might get counterfeit items or bad quality items sometimes so buy with low expectations) and I got bag hooks and iphone casings. This haul included items from other friends since it is more economical to share the shipping. The bag hooks are going for an average of $6 and the casing at $5, so I considered them a steal…


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