Lao Liang Pork Trotter Jelly

feeling nostalgic
What on earth made me took a 1 hour bus ride out…..

Being a teochew, sad to say…I don’t know much of my dialect nor its food much except that Teochew loves porridge and steamed promfret is our signature dish with it. After seeing this I decided to head down 1 day to try the pork trotter jelly. (I heard there is another famous stall at Chinatown but I am not sure). The stall auntie was really friendly and upon hearing that we came down especially to try her dishes, she said she would give us extra portions and gave us samples of her new product!

shark meat

shark meat close up
Chilled shark meat that goes with the homemade plum sauce. Meat was fresh and chilled but there wasn’t much taste to it.

pork jelly

pork jelly close up
The famous pork jelly, that auntie said is cooked over hours and the jelly is PURE COLLAGEN from the meats no additive like jelly powder or cornstarch. Seriously, I might agree with her on that as I did see the pork jelly getting soft and melting under the hot air in the hawker centre after it was served 30minutes later. The new proudct was shark meat jelly but I personalyl do prefer the pork one more. The condiment that goes with this dish would be chilli with minced ginger

stew pork

stew pork close up
The stewed pork, oh man..they are so good! The chilli sauce with a tinge of lime juice….oh gosh….

in full force
The amazing thing is that I don’t feel that there was too much grease on the food. Usually, when food in this manner usually leave a greasy and oily feeling in your tummy after you were stuffed with it but seriously I did not feel it this way and in fact I was wanting for more! The food tastes were subtle and maybe that is why, you yearn for more? 🙂

Address:Lao Liang Pork Trotter Jelly
Stall 37, Jalan Berseh Food Centre
11am to 3pm
Closed on Mondays

Guess what I found when I was trying to find my way home! Apparently there is a toy museum tucked away in 1 of the alley….admission is $5 but I did not go for it 🙂


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