Soup Restaurant

soup restaurant
Back in Soup Restaurant for a dost of Samsui chicken, soups, braised sea cucmber with duck wings and steam Lanpin fish

I think……I am done with this restaurant, it is expensive and the food don’t interest me anymore.

I would not have gone if not because I had ran out of ideas to host my friend.


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  1. monkeycrab
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 10:34:40

    I actually really miss The Soup Restaurant leh. Haven’t been there in a long long long long while. I love their peanut starter, the samsui chicken, their daily soup, the steamed pork pattie with salted egg/salted fish and this ah kong or ah ma green vege dish…

  2. Xuan-er
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 11:01:12

    personally, i remembered they were very good for the soups and the samsui chicken…
    maybe the suntec branch I went to was not too good? The airport one might be better?

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