Tokyo, Japan – Day 2(a)

omotesando hills

Omotesandō (表参道) is an avenue, subway station and neighborhood in the Minato and Shibuya wards in Tokyo stretching from Harajuku station, the foot of the famous Takeshita Street, to Aoyama-dori where Omotesandō station can be found.  Around 100,000 cars drive down the main street daily.

– Wikipedia

packed harujuku
It was really really packed.

Saw these kawaii rabbits dressed in traditional Japanese wear.

Had a lunch meet up with S-san at a recommended place called Mokuchi. Reservations are recommended unless you go there early as the place is pretty small and by 1230, it was full house. Seriously, I wouldn’t know of this place if it was not a local who brought me there as it was in a secluded corner at a basement of a building away from the bustling streets of Omotesando.

The 京御膳 is only available on weekends and prior reservations are recommended and menu changes monthly and seasonly. For 2000Yen (~S$31), it was totally worth it for a set of 15 items. Something similar in Singapore should set us back more than S$60 at a mid range place.

sushi and sides
The cold dishes consisted of butterfly pumpkin, bamboo shoots, nigiri with white fish, fresh green peas and a mix of Japanese pickles.

fresh tofu
Fresh cold tofu

Sashimi selection

miso soup
Miso soup and rice were refillable and the miso soup was housed in a really cute and small container.

prawn paste sandwich
Seafood paste sandwich deep fried

deep fried ebi
Deep fried mini shrimps with sea salt dip.

almond tofu with green tea
Fresh made almond tofu with a hot glass of thick green tea. The almond tofu was really to my liking as it was not too sweet and had a really refreshing taste to it.

Really stuffed from lunch but for some odd reason, my appetite grew and grew when I was there as I don’t eat that much rice back home. I guess maybe the food there was really good and it was really cold and I walked ALOT!

東京都港区北青山3-12-7 カプリース青山B1F

Agnes B flag ship store
After lunch exercise was to check out the Agnes B flag ship store at Omotesando to fulfill the bag requests from various people. (No, I did not get anything)


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