Tokyo, Japan – Day 2(b)

full bloom
My 1st sakura sighting at this small small small park beside Tokyo metro station on my way to Shibuya. There was only 2-3 trees there but most people who walked by stopped and snapped a photo. They were freshly bloomed sakuras.

fallen sakura
I felt a little sad to see them down on the grounds…..

jill stuart
Trooped to Seibu Shibuya to check out the Jill Stuart counter. I had been eyeing this line for over a year already ever since I started reading beauty blogs. Most of the ladies out there seem to like Jill Stuart for its princessy designs. I was enthralled with the entire selection too but they are a little much too pricey for my taste and wallet. But I had a good time checking out the counter. Finally, i succumbed and bought 2 items as a gift for myself. Some of the items are actually cheaper in Taiwan due to the strong Yen.

Hachiko Statue
The favorite meeting spot at Shibuya, Hachiko statue.

non peak hours train ride
Riding the train on a non peak hour on a weekend

Sumida Park

Sumida Park is one of the best 100 Sakura Spots in Japan located right next to Sumida River. There are about 1000 Sakura planted along with the riverside. Those Sakura make beautiful flower tunnel in Spring. During the Hanami period which is between end of March to middle of April, there are a lot of ceremonies or events, such as traditional dance, music or Nursery rhyme song. Also, there many Yatai which sell food, toys or snacks in this time.

sakura, i likey!
Doremon was so excited with the sakura. I think he wants some sushi too 😉

sakura close up
Sakura sakura

sakura viewing
Imagine, stretches and stretches of sukura trees and people sitting under it eating, drinking and they don’t look like any of the stressed up Japanese we perceived or saw on TV.  However, it was a little chilly that day.

munching along the river
Since we did not bring anything for hanami, we just paid for food along the way. Yakitori, oden and takoyaki…..drinking ice cold chu-hi and beer on a super cold day is fun but it just made you all cold again.

lanterns light up

night sakura
I love it when dusk sets…….the lanterns all lighted up…..soooo romantic….. 🙂

Hauls for the day
I guess the ladies would be interested in what I hauled that day. I got the Jill Stuart perfume which had been out for 2 years. I love the soft floral smell to it and especially the container. The other item from Jill Stuart would be its latest volumising mascara and supposed to be waterproof and washes off with warm water. I have since tried it and I can say it is my favorite mascara for the moment though it is a little pricey at 3150Yen (~S$48)

A Jill Stuart Cafe terry pouch with a the purchase of a Japanese magazine. I bought this just for the sake of buying though 😛 Since it is much cheaper than buying a Japanese magazine in Singapore.

The Cle de Peau concealer was an accidental bonus as I just walked randomly into this store on the way back to end the night. Costing 6300Yen (~S$96), it was 20% cheaper compared to Singapore. I have read a lot of good reviews about their products so I just bought it and I have to agree that the concealer really just glided on the skin and blend right on the skin. Most importantly, although the “lost in translation” moments with the sales assistant, she was very friendly, professional and lots of free foundation samples which totally made my day (I mean night!)


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