Tokyo, Japan – Day 3(a)

tsukiji market
Although I really wanted to go to Tsukiji at 5am to watch the tuna auctions but I was staying a distance away from Tokyo and I really couldn’t wake up from sleep 😛 Plus it was raining cats and dogs that day so I only set off for Tsukiji with the intention of a good sushi meal.

sushi kan
Moral of the story: Go where the Japanese go to. There were lines and lines outside 2-3 stores outside some sushi places but I saw the people with guide books, people talking in English, Chinese and Cantonese. I knew they were going to places recommended by guide books. So ended up at Sushikan where the line consisted of mostly Japanese. It was easy to decipher as you just listen to them talk, you don’t understand = Japanese… 😛

sushi lunch
Got the sushi set and an extra order of some exotic cuts on things I cannot find or too expensive in Singapore especially my favorite otoro (tuna belly and is highest in fat content. It is rich with omega 3 oils and can melt in your mouth) sushi…..Free flow of miso soup and green tea. I don’t know why, I could eat up that plate even though I thought it was too much for me. Maybe, everything tasted very good in Japan? 🙂


along tsukiji
It was still raining after the leisurely lunch…

arakawa line

The Toden Arakawa Line (都電荒川線, Toden Arakawa-sen?) is a streetcar line in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation operates this line. The Arakawa Line is the sole survivor of Tokyo’s once-extensive Tokyo Toden streetcar system.


Rain back up plan was to check this out…..

tokyo tram sights
It took a little time to get to the station and another 30min ride out but it was interesting as the little tram went on the roads and the narrow roads in between the residential area.


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