Tokyo, Japan – Day 3(b)

sakura along the river
Unexpectedly at the destination train station, there was a lot of sakura trees along a small river. It got me really excited as I was a little disappointed not to be able to go to Shinjuku Park to view the Sakuras due to the rain.

fallen sakura
This little flower was not damaged amongst the rest…..reminded me of the chinese saying “出污泥而不染” although it is not really applicable 😛

so sad
Testing out the macro feature of my camera, it is still usable! 😀 Love the water drops on the petals.

School was just starting so you can see a lot of students gathering for after school activities at Waseda. I felt so old when I walked by them, they all looked so barely older than secondary school students but yet they are already in the 1st year of university.

shinjuku rush
By the time I reached Shinjuku station after the walk through in Waseda and the multiple drugstore hopping, it was rush hour there. Everyone was just rushing and rushing. I think Tokyo suited me as I usually walked very fast too, so the pace felt just right for me when I was there 🙂

tokyu hands
Headed down to the Tokyu Hands at Shinjuku to explore the myriad of items that was sold there. I love going there as there was always interesting things to see and check out. For example beautiful towel “bakery”, interesting stuff for the bento preparation ( it is like an art there!) and the types of containers to house different food.

interesting gadgets
This time, I spent a little time in the cell phone strappy corner and the headphones corner where I saw M&Ms, bananas, sushi and cartoon characters!

shinjuku in the night
Dusk arrived in Shinjuku….. The neon lights came out….

Finally did a local izakaya……My 1st time into a Japanese izakaya and surprisingly it was not as smokey as I thought, maybe the time was still early. My impression of izakaya is a bunch of half drunk salarymen puffing away and enjoying their beer time. Dinner consisted of grilled cow’s tongue (which was really nice!), chicken cartilage, wasabi tako, cold soba, deep fried chicken and avocado & cheese salad. The ending drink of Okinawa fruit liquor was totally vile that I thought I was drinking thinner. *Yeeks* Wont order it again….

新宿3-36-13 Mビル4F
新宿区, 東京都

rush hour sardines
As usual, boarded a packed train to blend myself as part of the sardine squeezing and it was only 10pm…

day 3 hauls
Haul for the day were mainly drug store items mainly Limited edition Visee eye shadown, Visee mascara, moisturizing masks, Bihada ichizoku masks, canmake cream blusers, lash fixer (recommended by a Japanese beauty blogger), Koji lash curlers, heated eye pads, lychee flavored eye drop and Shea butter hair masks. All the items were recommended by the various beauty blogs I read sometimes. As usual, another magazine for its freebie (but the thing is, mine came with the missing sling strap) I was so sad about it, but oh well.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. abraxis
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 02:36:19

    You’ve drank thinner? Yuck! It reminds me of vermouth.

  2. Xuan-er
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 15:25:25

    it was just plain awful…

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