Tokyo, Japan – Day 6(b)

I think Japan’s Disney had the best selection of items to buy and the shops are like packed approaching evening time when people started to buy stuff before the night shows so they can leave right after or some are just browsing before the dinner.

stuff to buy
Besides the really cute packaging, every item there was just screaming “buy me” to me….the snacks all looked so delicious and cute and the huge selection of cell phone strappies!

disney bear
Think Mickey Mouse is the most famous character at the Tokyo DisneySEA park? You’d be wrong. That little teddy bear just happens to be the most popular character among the Japanese. EVERY SINGLE FEMALE, young or old I SAW there was holding this bear!! I have to admit a little side of me was like “I want to get one toooooooo!!!! To join in the crowd as I am a girl too!!!” But realistically speaking, spending S$60 for this soft toy does not justify for me. Do you know you can get a super good meal with this?! So I did it the cheap way, took photos of it though I asked Y san if it would be nice to have one and they did feel really soft….but….I still did not get one…

Duffy, created originally for the Walt Disney Resort as “The Disney Bear,” he’s now known as Duffy at the Tokyo Resort. Duffy has evolved into sort of a cultural phenomenon there. It appears that since this is Tokyo Disney”Sea” and everything is related to the ocean, exploration and such, Mickey was headed out to sea. The night before he goes, Minnie gave him a teddy bear as a gift of companionship. Duffy is a bear of magic and great luck and spread happiness and cheer throughout Tokyo DisneySEA


dusk sets
Then like any typical kiasu Singaporean, we found a good spot 1 hour prior to the show and sat down to wait for the night show. It was freezing cold but luckily we bought 2 cups of hot coffee to shield it off.



sea show
The BraviSEAmo! show a show case of fire, water, laser and songs.

river view
Night view of TDS

another 10min out in the cold after the show was the fireworks display in TDS. It was a little disappointing as I thought it would be much more elaborate and longer but it was still nice.

are back in venice?
Are we back in Venice?

Dinner was at Restorante di Canaletto near the Mediterranean Harbor, a table service Italian restaurant. Priority seating reservation is advised if you want to go to a place with table services and especially useful on a busy park day.  The thin crust pizza was really mild and the half bottle of muscat sparkling wine was really sweet and nice! What a nice way to end the TDS day!


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