Taipei, Taiwan – Day 2(a)

Very simple breakfast from the hotel, some porridge and simple condiments and some toast.

fish spa
They actually have a fish spa in the eating area too but no one was using it. The water did not look too clean too 😛

long shan temple

Longshan Temple is a famous old temple in Taiwan. It is for worshiping Guanshiyin Budda and other divine spirits. The temple was built in Qianlong 5th year in Qing Dynasty. Due to natural disaster and damages caused by men, the temple was restored for several times.

Taiwan Net

I got there at 9am and the place was already packed with devotees and the waterfall backdrop was a popular photo spot too.

liao pi puo 2

At the Bopiliao Historic District, visitors can see well-preserved streets and traditional shop homes from the Qing period, as well as buildings from the Japanese occupation and early post-war periods. These buildings have witnessed the development of the Mengjia area (Wanhua District) over the years and form an important part of Taipei’s historic urban landscape.

Taiwan Net

liao pi puo 1
The place was beautifully restored and a lot of Taiwanese were visiting the place with their children.

liao pi puo
As this was a histrionic site and The Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei is situated here. There were a lot of tours being conducted here talking about the history of Taiwanese living and also of the evolution of the education system. 1 thing I noted was that the people from the past were a little short 😛

monga set
1 of the other reason of why the place is so popular now that the recent Taiwanese movie, Monga, starred by Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao was filmed on location. They had kept 1 of the set as an exhibition of sorts for the fans and it was thronged by a lot of young girls. Many taking photos of the clothes previously wore by the 2 hot hunks during the filming

1 of my favorite shots from the morning.


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