Wu Lai, Taiwan – Day 2(c)

spring park hotel
This hot spring stay is my highlight of the entire trip as it is not only the most expensive place I ever stayed in my life for 1 night and also the 1st time I soaked in a hot spring with my own private bath. The hotel provided free shuttle from Xin Dian MRT to Wu lai which is about another 30minutes drive away from Xin Dian. Upon arrival, the staff rushed out to pick up our bags and ushered us to the lobby and a ice old drink was served while waiting for our check in procedure. Like my prior experience in the Japanese hot spring hotel, payment would be made only upon check out.

wu lai 1

wu lai
The waters at Wu Lai was supposed to green and clear but due to the rain which caused the sand sediments to move and hence the waters looked milky green.

After checking in, the hotel staff took our bags and showed us our room and showed us the various amenities. The bed had a canopy and there was actually light switches on the head board to turn on/off the light in the center of the canopy! Drinks were complimentary in the mini bar with the welcome fruits. Bath room amenities were actually Bvlgari. There was also a list of DVD for free rental including the 100 channel cable TV. The entire hotel was supposed to connected to wifi but the wifi was unfortunately not working in my room. They even had a 2 hour notebook loan service for guests to be connected to the internet if they do not have a note book for LAN connection. Talking about SERVICE!

private bath view
View from the private bath.

afternoon tea
Welcome tea for checked in guests.

Spring Park Hotel (春秋烏來渡假酒店)

wu lai lao jie 2
It was about 15 minutes walk up hill from the hotel to the Wu lai Lao Jie, the weather was still good when we set off after our afternoon.

wu lai lao jie 1

wu lai lao jie
Here we have a street that was selling mostly Atayal aboriginal food and handicrafts. There were also shops selling swim wear, renting beach umbrellas etc as most of the local would dip into the free hot springs along the river instead. We wanted to continue on a hike 30 minutes hike to the waterfall when it starting raining cats and dogs that we had to cut the excursion short to head back to the hotel to seek refuge and have a nice hot bath 🙂

Dinner was served at the hotel’s Soyan Restaurant where we were treated to a 5 course French dinner

Freshly made bread.

The appetisers: deep fried crab ball, parmesan ham and honeydew and smoked salmon.

expresso soup
Wild mushroom soup served in an espresso cup.

tomato cheese
Fresh tomato hallowed out and filled with cheese cubes.

For entrées, we had baked salmon roll and NY rib eye.

Dessert was crispy apple strudel and almond ice cream.

Overall, the dinner was a little disappointing in terms of taste for the entrées but the rest of the items were not too bad.

turn down service
Headed back to room and was enchanted by their night turn down service. They had the drapes down and a stalk of rose held up by a card informing guest that a supper of light Taiwan congee and condiments can be ordered for free between 2300 – 0100. The entire room was lit up by multiple tea lights. Totally romantic (but I was traveling with my mum! :P)

towards the common bath
My mum was already in a food coma so I headed out to the public bath all by myself. Totally personalized service with someone at your peck and call offering towels and yukatas. After a soak, there was also a relaxation room where you can plonk yourself down to the massage chairs to listen to some music or watch some TV or read some magazines…Total bliss…..

Much as I wanted to try the supper but I was too full and tired that I crawled into bed after the hot spring bath…..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. abraxis
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 12:40:56

    Nice hotel! Private bath! French food! Rubber duckies! Ver lomantic! You really know how to travel…

    I like the milky green water; it’s different. Did you liberate a ducky?

  2. Xuan-er
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 19:36:38

    @abraxis: like i said, this was a gift and also the most exp stay i had in my entire life.
    lol, duckies was floating in my bath the entire time.

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