Wu Lai, Taiwan – Day 3(a)

Woke up to a blue sky and the sun is finally out! Need to cherish it as I knew this was a rarity as it was supposed to be raining the entire week I am in Taiwan. Finally got the chance to see the heated pool with 2 deck chairs, the edge of the pool is right at the edge of the river….it would had been wonderful to be able to take a dip in there.

sunny day
View that greeted me when I entered the restaurant for my breakfast.

A hearty breakfast with a selection of salad and fruits bar, mum picked the Benedict’s egg and I picked the omelet choice. Totally stuffed from breakfast.

log cart ride
Headed back to Wu Lai Street to pick up from where we left off from the evening before. This time, we headed to the Wulai Log Cart Railway as it opened at 0800 hours for the 5minutes ride to the Wulai Waterfall (Ride cost NT50 per person) These carts used to transport the rail from the highlands down to the flat land.

wu lai log cart
The feeling of riding this tiny weeny rail, it was like roller coaster on flat land which ended with a 15seconds zip around the Wu Lai cave in total darkness before coming to a stop.

wu lai water fall
The reason why we came uphill (but through the lazy method) 😛

wu lai water fall
another snap shot of the Wu Lai waterfall.

wu lai waterfall
There were rows of shops selling aboriginal handicrafts and items just opposite the waterfall. I noticed that there was another hotel up slope with a view facing the waterfall. Worthy a check out if I do come back again.

wu lai
This was what the water supposed to look like with the sun out….really green and clear isn’t it?


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