Taipei, Taiwan – Day 3(b)

Since it was a rare sunny good day, pulled in my planned trip to 101. Got my ticket NT50 cheaper thanks to the Youth card, usual price would be NT400. The line was super long, waited in line for about 75 minutes before we were ushered to…..take the fastest lift in the world.

aerial view
37 seconds later, we were presented with this.

101 view
It was clear day and I could see all the buildings and the mountain region clearly

in the shadows of 101
I gave a name to this photo: Devoured by 101.

coral gem craving
The people are smart, ever since they opened the Taiwan tourist spots to China, to tap into the vast purchasing power of the Chinese tourist. They converted the entire floor of the exit to be an exhibition of sorts selling jewelery to crystals to handicrafts. I have to admit though that the coral gem exhibition was really impressive as the cravings were really intricate. Nearly got fooled by the lobster….but my favorite piece would the the love birds (unfortunately in a cage)

It was another 45minutes wait in line for the lift down and more photos at the LOVE sign near the Xinyi exit.


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