Taipei, Taiwan – Day 3(c)

danshui lao jie
Next up would be the long long 40minutes MRT ride up north to Danshui. This time, I walked through the Dan Shui Old street. Lots of seafood feeds along the way and it was really packed at 6pm.

I was lucky, to reach the pier at 6pm and got in line to catch the 615pm and reach fisherman’s wharf at 630pm to catch the sunset. It was a coincidence that everything aligned so well. The last time I went, we took the bus to fisherman’s wharf, this time I choose to catch a boat out there. Only NT50 and you can use your Youyou card to pay for the ride.

Sunset at Fisherman’s wharf.

The place was packed, tourists out there busy snapping away, people walking their dogs, school excursion groups and couples taking their wedding photos or engagement photos…..

sunset in danshui
It was really pretty, and there was live music in the background too thanks to the ming ge cafe there.

Stop by Shilin Night market for our dinner. This is not my favorite night market but it is so famous that I have to bring my mum there since it would be weird for her to come to Taipei and miss out on Shilin since this is the only night market she heard of. Apparently, this was also a tourist drop off spot as the place was packed with tourists…but I had my fun, watching my mum eating her 1st smelly tofu…Sorry, cant share those classic photos 😛


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