Chia Yi, Taiwan – Day 4(a)

Packed a small bag for my 4D3N adventure to Central Taiwan. This would also be my 1st experience with the High Speed Rail (HSR). Although you can book your tickets online in advance but I knew I was not traveling in a peak period nor during rush hours. Since the 15% discount also applied to on the day ticket sale as this is considered as the low season, I decided not to buy tickets in advance so to give myself more flexibility for my travels. (The only bane is that the off peak discount would not be applicable on weekends but I think you still can get the tickets cheaper online). Taiwan’s HSR is very much like the Shinkansen in Japan, from the chairs to service!

view along the way
Sights along the way once you are out of Taipei City.

transiting from the HSR
My 1st stop would be Chiayi, most of the HSR stations are located in some really far off places from the city so free shuttle bus that runs every 20minutes are provided for passengers for them to make their way back to the cities. On board the free shuttle bus to Chiayi Taiwan Railway (TRA) station.

chia yi train station
The station was very old and looked very 80’s

baggage services
but the baggage service room was stuck in the 60’s or maybe 70’s, I am not sure but it sure was very run down and old. The paper tags were strung round metal wires!

chia yi city
It was a totally different feel compared to Taipei.

chicken rice
Next would be the hunt down for the famous Chia Yi Turkey Rice. This place was recommended by a TW guide book, and truth be told the place was packed during lunch and there were a lot of shops selling similar food in the entire street.  We got 1 bowl of the turkey rice, the rice was really fragrant and I guess the reason why it was so yummy was because it was super oily (?) so the rice really just glides down your throat. Had an order of the cabbage soup which was ok but the fresh bamboo shoots was really tasty. Soft and fragrant! The entire meal only costed us NT90 (~S$4)


mushroom stew
Then we made our way to another recommended place, this place is a 3rd generation store selling pork and mushroom stew. Food there was slightly more expensive at NT80, maybe due to the provision of air condition 😛 Personally I thought it was just average fare.



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