Alishan, Taiwan – Day 4(b)

riding up
After lunch, we had a little stroll around the Chiayi city centre but there really wasn’t much to do so I called the cab driver whom I had made prior arrangements with my B&B in Alishan. We set off from Chiayi city for another 1 hours drive up hill towards our B&B. Then it got really foggy as it started drizzling.

destruction from the typhoon 2009
Damage from the typhoon last year, most of the roads are still being fixed.

everlasting bridge

Situated near the starting point of Alishan Highway stretching towards Ba Zhang Xi are two bridges called “Tien Zhang” and “Di Jiu”. The Bridges were built in 1937 and were used by the early villagers of Gong Tien Chuang and Chu Kou to go to Chiayi. The suspension bridge at the bottom is called “Di Jiu”, while the one on top is called “Tien Zhang”. This is a must see for travelers going to Alishan. It is suggested that you go directly to the the high bridge “Tien Zhang” and try to look down past “Di Jiu” for a broad view.

Chiayi County

Unfortunately, they boarded off the Tien zhang bridge as the wet weather had made it unsafe as the wooden boards are no longer sturdy.

season star
other views of the minsu
I found this B&B from a random library book I borrowed when I was doing my research, the European and country atmosphere of the building and interior caught my sights and after some research online, I knew I found the place. Upon arrival, the friendly female owner greeted us and chatted with us before showing us our room. The place was really what I saw on the photos so I was thoroughly pleased.

Season Star
602 嘉义县番路乡隙顶 18号

We were the only customers there as 4 other guest had cancelled their reservation due to the rain but I did not cancel as I was quite optimistic but I still emailed the owner a day prior to make sure it is safe to go up to Alishan as mum was freaking out from the new images of the flooding in that region.  Anyway, the owner showed us 2 rooms instead to see which would we prefer, we still stuck to our original choice as there was a balcony where we could walk out to look at the nearby surroundings. The room was roomy and clean.

afternoon tea
After we rested for a bit, we headed back down to the dinning area for some afternoon tea. We were served with flower tea with a tinge of black currant taste and sponge cakes made by the owner. She was really friendly and helpful as she got more detailed information for my Taichung trip the day after even though I told her, I roughly know where I am going. I was totally appreciative for her kind help.

tea in fog
Isn’t this really romantic…having tea in fog…

foggy hike
We attempted a hike in the vicinity.

But we had to give up after 20minutes as the fog got really bad and visibility was down to barely a few metres.

hot pot dinner
Headed back to the room for a hot shower and TV therapy until dinner at 7pm where we were served hot pot! I got the kimchi flavor and mum got the miso flavored. There was so much food that I was nearly bursting. Most of the fresh greens were actually harvested by the owner in their little vegetable patch. Dessert was Wulong Tea creme brulee and fresh fruits.


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