Alishan, Taiwan – Day 5(b)

alishan area1
By the time we were done with the major sights along Yushan, we made our way back to Alishan Forest Recreation area at 7am. The typhoon last night had affected them badly as there were not a lot of tourists at all. There were only about 30 tourists at the Yushan sunrise site and at the parking spot of Alishan, there was not a lot of people there too.

The Alishan Forest Recreation Park was an important wooded land in the Japanese occupation era. In order to get the economic benefits out of the cypress trees, the Japanese built railways and chopped off the woods for 30 years. When Taiwan was returned to the Chinese after World War II, the original cypress trees were almost gone.

Chiayi Information

instant noodles
My instant noodles breakfast, I was surprised that there was REAL pork inside the condiments of the noodles.

chu shan station
Then we started on our nature hike in the recreation area, 1st stop would be the trek towards Zushan where most people who wanted to watch the sunrise from Alishan would have to walk in that direction and ever since the railway was destroyed last year, you have to walk about 1.5hours up to the sun rise spot.

mountain pork
Met some locals who were selling crispy bbq mountain pork, 3 packets of 6 slices were about NT500.

alishan area
Continued on our hike munching on the pork crisps.

small sister pond
Small sister pond.

big sister pond
Elder sister pond

The Alishan Sisters’ Ponds are two different sized high mountain ponds connected to each other. They said there were a couple of sisters falling in love with the same man. They didn’t want to hurt their sisterhood so they jumped into the ponds respectively to kill themselves. Because of the sad and beautiful story, the Sisters’ Ponds became really famous. People there put a root head of a big cypress tree on the elder sister’s pond to be the base and built two Missing Pavilions on it, connected to the shore with wooden bridges. They also built a 180-meter long walk surrounding the ponds.

– Chiayi Information

Some of the Juniper trees in different formations, from left we have the Golden pig, Everlasting love trees, the 4 brothers and the stair way is the start of Tree walk.

Shou zheng Gong, the biggest temple inside the recreational park. There is an elementary school right beside it.

not more than 6
Crossing the suspension bridge to head to Shenmu wooden plank walk.

giants plank walk
It was really amazing how they built the wooden planks in the forest and with those walk ways, it made the hiking much much more easier. It is so under utilized now that it is a pity.

1 thing I noticed was that all the packaging were all engorged due to the highlands pressure.

It is such a sad sight all over alishan, hopefully they would clear up the destructed areas really soon and save the livelihood of the people there. The shops which were still open were filled with items that no one was buying and a lot of stores had emptied out.


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