North Coast, Taiwan – Day 9(a)

local rapid train
The next main of transportation to try out is the local Taiwan rails. They are pretty much the other mode of transportation for long distance before the High Speed Rail was built and the rail lines are much more extensive. For the morning, we took the local rapid line with seat allocation towards Ruifang.

rui fang
Most of the places out of the major cities in Taiwan, just gives you a feel back track at least 10-15 years ago. Ruifang, is a small town that connects us to our final destination Jiu Fen and Jinguashi.

gold shrine
Jinguashi (金瓜石) is the area famous for its goldmines. Situated between the mountains and the coastline, the local scenery is exceptionally beautiful, plus the abundance of historical relics from the mining days.

jiu gua shi
The Gold mining museum was full but we did not pay to get it but walk around the area that were free admission.

jiu gua shi
Did a little hike towards Baoshi Mountain and the area got foggy due to the light rain.

cha hu shan hiking trail
Attempt to hike up the 2.5km to look at the Teapot rock up the Teapot mountain was abandoned after the visibility reduced.

Time out with some ginger sauce beancurd in old style store at the museum before we descend downhill to head towards Jiufen.


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