North Coast, Taiwan – Day 9(c)

ye liu4
It was a 40minutes bus ride out to Wanli from Keelung to drop at this really ulu pandan place that I wont even know would lead me to the picturesque coastal view. Tip of the day would be to let the bus driver where you want to stop then ask him to inform you when the stop is approaching. Of course, please sit near him. It helps when you go on and get off at the same entry in Taiwan buses.

ye liu6
15minutes walk from the main road would lead you to Ye Liu

Yehliu is a cape on the north coast of Taiwan, stretching a massive 1700 meters into the sea. Geological forces at work on Datun Mountain gave rise to the area as the mountain was pushed up from the depths below. With the help of sea erosion and weathering, this area has some very distinctive geological features believed to be 10-25 million years old. As the limestone and calcium carbonate surface is more resistant to erosion, the resulting landscape is fractured and filled with giant rocks, pot holes, and fossils.

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ye liu5
A breathtaking view of the coast.

queen's head
The Queen’s head which is an iconic image in Taiwan and an unofficial emblem for the town of Wanli.

ye liu

ye liu3

ye liu2

ye liu1
Then it was another hour plus spent roaming around the area, exploring the different rock formations and the views.

local train
For the return journey, we took the local train. A slow ride back to Taipei main station

Since it was the last night in Taipei, we were also dead beat from the long day out…We just randomly choose a BBQ place at the Breeze centre and had a slow BBQ dinner with ice cold beer.

With that, I end my little adventure in Taiwan……


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