Itacho Sushi

itacho sushi
I felt a little outdated when my classmates told me how popular this place was. I really did not know. No reservations for this place, no wonder for the long line even at a odd hour of 3pm on a weekend. This highly popular sushi chain is actually from HONG KONG! Overall, it was good food but some of the items are a little pricey and their ordering system is like doing homework with the different categories of food in different colors. Other than the complicated (and messy) ordering, it was a great feed.

nigiri and sushi
All the different kinds of nigiri and sushi, you would be spoiled for choice. My top personal favorite would be the pork sushi…really good.

sashimi and steamed eggs
sashimi and different types of chawan mushi with roe to crab stick toppings

handrolls and noodles
Rolls, soba and udon were also popular at my table.

2 Orchard Turn #B2-18 ION Orchard

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