Chiharu Japanese Restaurant

chiharu Jap restaurant
For CY’s 30th birthday we headed to Chiharu Japanese Restaurant, a quaint little Japanese restaurant along Bukit Timah Road. It was really quiet on a Sunday night but I heard the place does get pack on weekends……Since it was a celebration for the 3rd decade and how could 2 foodies get by a when we are presented with a degustation menu. We decided on a 5 course, Omakase course

Appetiser was 5 kinds consisting of chilled tofu topped with roe, chilled tofu with wasabi, unagi egg roll, sea jelly and baby squids. The chilled tofu was my favorite as I always felt that the way the Japanese made their fresh tofu was delightful and smooth to the tongues.

5 kinds of sashimi, selection from the Chef.

kurobuta no wasabi shoyu yaki
Grilled Japanese pork with wasabi and shoyu sauce.

simmered fish head in sweet sauce
Japanese fish head simmered in sweet sauce. I am not a big fan of fish head as the bones are a tad messy but then I have to admit that the soft fish meat does compensate for the trouble.

Hiyashi Tomato
Chilled tomato with chef’s dressing. Japanese tomatoes are always tops of my list, I personally list Hokkaido tomotoes are tops.

Nigiri Sushi
Assorted sushi platter, nothing beats Otoro sushi……fish meat with lots of fats meshed up your mouth and sliding down your throat. 🙂

vanilla ice cream anzu soe
Last but not least, dessert which was Vanilla ice cream with Japanese apricot.

779 Bukit Timah Road


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