Spruce and more (good times)…

Phoenix Park
Abraxis was back in town….so when he said we would go to Spruce at Phoenix Park. I was likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Phoenix Park? Where the hell is Phoenix Park? This is a new development (looking like another Dempsey?) about 2 bus stops away from Red Hill or just a few bus stops away from Orchard Road.


Spruce was conceived as a casually sophisticated restaurant in the heart of vibrant Tanglin road. Our goal has always been to offer quality food and drink in the most inspired of settings, to offer genuine hospitality and real value. We are confident that with every passing day we are doing just that. We want you to know that as our guest we are committed to welcoming you with our signature warm hospitality. If you have experienced Spruce before, welcome back and if you are joining us for the first time we hope that you find your time with us a great one.

About Spruce

Spruce entrance
The environment made me feel that I was not in the urban jungle of Singapore but somewhere in the country side but yet I know I am still accessible to the heart of Singapore.

The entrance, had a rustic feel to it.

Abraxis intrigued with what was on the menu while I fooled around with his camera (canon S90) with the surroundings as my play field.

al fresco seating
If I ever head down there again, I would like to try out the Al fresco seating. Looked pretty balmy with the fans above.

IP4 vs 3gs
Iphone 3GS vs Iphone 4. The retina display totally bought me over but my phone is pretty new though :/

beer to chill the day
Ending the day with some ice cold Asahi beer

spicy crab artichoke
Spicy Crab and Artichoke Dip paired with corn chips and spring onion

Signature Spruce Burger with homemade pickles and havarti cheese

320 Tanglin Road Phoenix Park

In Red August
Thanks to him, I got a copy of the August, In Red for me as I wanted the Laura Ashley tote bag that came along with the magazine. The magazine was sold for S$20 in Kinokuniya Singapore but it only costs $11.50 in Japan. 😛 (Thank you!)

my kitty collection
He was lucky to be in Kyoto for the Gion matusri even though it was hot hot hot!. He got me the limited edition Gion Matsuri Hello Kitty phone charm as a gift for me. Thank you too!


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