House of Seafood @180

House of Crabs
As a seafood lover who has a penchant for crabs, I finally made it to this place that I heard was similar to the Eng Seng one. This place is like a few blocks away from the really popular Fengshan hawker center at Blk 85. The place got filled up by 8pm and from the looks of it, the pepper and chilli crabs were the most popular dishes.

Black Pepper Crab
We were informed during the order that the crabs that night were either the small crabs or the huge crabs of at least 1.4kg per crab and they kept on asking us if we were sure that we could order 2 crabs. (I guess, she can’t really believe that 4 ladies could consume 2 huge crabs ;p) The black pepper crab was undeniably really yummy. It was not over powdering peppery and the black sauce was not too salty nor sweet.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab
We forgo the chilli crab for some salted egg yolk crabs (which may be a mistake :p) For some reason, the taste of the salted egg yolk was not really there but the fresh crab made up for the lack of taste. I think right now, nothing still beat the salted egg yolk crab I had in KL.

mai tous!
The mai tous, even had the name of the eatery printed on it! It was our substitution for rice.

The yin and yang of crabs
The “yin and yang” of crabs 🙂 I would want to visit this place again to check out the chilli crabs but I personally felt that the crab prices here were a little too high?

Blk 88 Bedok North St 4 #01-125 Singapore

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gossipmonger
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 11:19:40

    no aircon still so expensive?

  2. monkeycrab
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 12:53:59

    I had their chilli crabs and was quite disappointed. The chilli crabs I cooked with the Prima instand pack tasted better. So I think stick to their pepper crabs better as their known for them. But ya… very pricey leh.

  3. Xuan-er
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 22:32:14

    @GM: yeah exp, i think it was like $45/kg?
    @MC: oh…ok ok..hahaa..then prob wont visit it again till long long later =P

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