PS Cafe @Harding

PS Cafe
My usual hunt whenever I head to Dempsey, love the feeling that I thought I was away from the city surrounded by greenery. The big bold wordings scrawled by chalk on the walls that is signature of PS.

vanity choice?

sweets and reads
Playing with my camera with some alternative shots

PS - mango mint
1 of Jas’s favorite drink – Mango and mint.

PS - prawn salad
Sticky prawn salad made of – tiger prawns, curly vegetables, brouccou & pink grape fruit tossed in oriental dressing, topped with Asian cashew crunch and micro herbs.
Seriously, it tasted like the Yusheng we had during CNY! 😛

PS - miso cod
Miso cod – broiled awase miso pacific cod fillet with caramelized ginger, lemon and sesame dressed upon vegetable salad.

curry cod
Coconut sea bass – seared coconut crusted sea bass fillet, spicy curry sauce, sweet potato vanilla mash, green apple chutney and vegetable.

PS - truffle oil fries
Last but not last, truffle shoestring fries thanks to Head chef Chris 🙂

28B Harding Road Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)


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