Hallway to gain entry to the seating, I would say the seatings were segregated away from the entrance to ensure maximum privacy and quietness for your dinner at Forlino.

After 2 turns, seated in the restaurant finally. Very serene and quiet and everyone dinning there seems to have an occasion to celebrate like birthday or anniversary but we were there just because there was a 1 for 1 offer 😛

Hot and oily Focaccia were served shortly we settled in. My sinful foodie partner quickly decided on the degustation menu….

smoked duck with cauliflower mousse
Amuse Bouche – seared smoke duck breast with broccoli mousse. The mousse was very refreshing.

Crab Salad with wild rucola, sweet pea leaves and cantaloupe

Sautee Scallops
Pan roasted King scallops with French beans and hazelnuts – thumbs up.

Pasta with foie gras
Tagliatelle with duck confit and goose liver – the pasta was a tad too salty.

Suckling pig
Roasted suckling pig with ‘Pimento’ peppers and spiced apple sauce – the suckling pig was a disappointment.

Liquorice creme brulee with raspberry gelato

Petite 4 with coffee
Coffee and petit fours

I felt that the food was average and I probably won’t head there again unless there is a 1 for 1 offer. 🙂

1 Fullerton Road S049213


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