Tokyo, Japan – Day 1

soaring in the sky
Did a quick turn around extended weekend trip to Tokyo recently. This time, I still flew with Delta although the services ain’t that great but it was 1 of the cheapest flight deals to Tokyo and they allow 2x 23kg for checked in bags. I went with 10kg with my only checked in bag. Personally I love their inflight entertainment had improved tremendously. I managed to watch Precious, The Joneses, The cove and previous episodes of the USA drama.

the new sky liner
36 minutes from Narita Airport to 1 of the inner Tokyo rail station via Keisei Line that recently opened in mid July. With Haneda Airport opening in October, there would be more improvements in services due to the competition between the 2 airports.

Onigiri and coffee
Onigiri is always 1 of my favorite cheap food there. 120Yen and you get to fill up your tummy……This time, washing it down with some low sugar coffee.

It was already dark at 6pm and due to the rain, the temperature dropped from 30 degrees the day before to 17 degrees when I arrived. I was really cold as I only brought along a light jacket. Weather is so unpredictable nowadays. Shinjuku was as busy as usual.

radish pickles with tomato
Dinner was at a local izakaya served by servers who looked very much like those boys from boys over flowers….dyed long hair still seems to be very much in the trend with trimmed brows! 1 of the side dishes was pickled radish and sliced tomatoes in some tangy vinegar sauce. I pretty much ate most of it because the rest of the people felt that it was a little spicy. =P

smoked salmon and onion
Smoked salmon with fresh onion and mayonnaise.

Salad, darn…those greens were so crispy sweet and fresh…..

fried chicken and fries
Fried chicken and fries…

grilled pork
Grilled pork

Cabbage nabe

petite cakes
The end of the 1st nomikai round when the desserts were served, apparently our nomikai was supposed to end at 830pm as we went for the early bird special with unlimited drinks. Something hilarious happened as the rice was supposed to be served along with the cabbage nabe but then it came only after we had settled the bill and about to leave. We said that we were leaving when the guy came over to apologize and set all the rice on the table and he promptly put everything back on his serving plate.

Interior of Cafe Haiti
Cafe Haiti – cafe inside Shinjuku station….

Cafe Haiti @Shinjuku
Some thing light before we catch the last train home.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. abraxis
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 15:43:49

    Did you take the new Skyliner?

  2. xuan-er
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 13:18:36

    nope..i was headed to the suburbs

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