Tokyo, Japan – Day 2

home made food
Brunch on a rainy and cold day, fresh sashimi from the local market with some freshly grilled egg plant topped with fish flakes.


Chirashi sushi is a type of sushi that has a number of toppings, called gu, “scattered” on a bed of loose sushi rice. Although chirashi toppings can be nearly anything, pieces of vegetable are the most common. One bowl of chirashi has a number of toppings (nine is a common number), and sometimes do not even contain seafood or fish. Toppings vary regionally.

Sushi Monsters

This is my 1st ever home made sushi. Usually I only had rolled sushi, I never knew that sushi can come in this way too and this was really the best home made food so far. Pretty amazing how some simple ingredients can be combined together to taste so great.

laketown mall
Since it was raining cats and dogs, decision was made to chill out at the nearby mall. AEON Laketown Mall in Koshigaya, Saitama is 1 of the biggest mall in Japan. The mall reminds me very much of the shopping malls in USA (although the prices are a little on the high side due to the YEN) But it was so huge that although it was my 2nd trip there, I still did not cover every parts of it. The malls are eco-friendly built and is divided into 2 buildings where each building has a market sector catered for.

cold stone ice cream
Some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to rest the feet and guess what, the servers SING when making the ice-cream!

Wasn’t really interested in much of the shopping but handicraft store is definitely a place to check out and spend some time in. I was always intrigues in whatever things they can offer in there……

tako yaki
Some Tako Yaki balls to nurse the tummy before we exited out of the mall.

overwhlemed with the menu
Dinner was at a highly recommended Yakitori eatery at Ueno which only opens in the evenings, Mon – Fri and alternate weekend evenings. It was a really small establishment that would only seat less than 20 customers. I was really impressed by the food though it was ALL CHICKEN (usually, the yakitori places in Singapore served everything that be BBQ on skewers) I was thoroughly amazed that how many different parts of the chicken can be eaten up so thoroughly.

やき鳥 じん宮
〒110-0005 東京都台東区上野1-16-22(上野東神ビル地下一階)

Starters was grilled sweet potato in soy sauce with some freshly grinded radish with some spring onions.

all chicken
Next would be all the different types of grilled chicken skewers and salad from chicken sashimi is sesame wasabi dressing salad (yeah, apparently the Japanese eat RAW chicken too?), chicken salad in soy sauce, chicken meat balls, chicken guts, chicken cartilage, chicken hearts, chicken sashimi, quill eggs and chicken soup stock…..Just a variety of Chicken and chicken and chicken. The amazing thing is that the innards did not stink, they actually were chewy and flavorful

leeks and rice
2 non-chicken items would be freshly grilled leeks and grilled rice balls!

for the sticks
Even the container for the skewer sticks were so nice.

interesting bar at ueno
Another small establishment nearby the restaurant where the group of us chilled for the night

chilling out
The group of us were the only customers for the night….The owner was really nice, dishing out all kinds of exquisite food (imagine, fresh tomato in cinnamon sauce). The night ended with us all running for the last train, like any Japanese on a Friday night…….


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