Togura, Japan – Day 3(b)

togura 1
After an afternoon at the temple….it was another 45 minutes train ride south to Togura in the city of Chikuma from Nagano Station on the Shinano Railway (you can use your JR here too).


Straddling the Chikuma River and surrounded by mountains, Togura Kamiyamada Onsen has a relaxing natural setting to go along with the natural hot spring mineral baths high in sulfur content. The town has traditionally been a stop-off point for pilgrimages after visiting Zenkoji Temple. The onsen town is proud of its strong Geisha heritage that continues to prosper today. Forty-plus ryokans, ranging from the traditional to more Western-styled, a lively night entertainment district, footbaths and unique shops for strolling, and many outdoor activities make Togura Kamiyamada an enjoyable onsen town.

Go! Nagano

checking in
Accommodation for the night. A traditional ryokan with indoor and outdoor baths. All the floors were tatami so all guests had to remove their shoes and I was dis-oriented at 1st and even asked, where are the slippers! (you are supposed to be walking bare-footed on tatami) That is the reason why socks are so popular in Japan, since you need to walk everywhere bare-footed (usually) Check in was typical ryokan style: high tea, snacks sold at their store and filling up your particulars.

戸倉上山田温泉 滝の湯
長野県千曲市上山田温泉1-74-11 (TEL:026-275-2120)

inside the ryokan
Very traditional settings, I was happily basking in the Japanese culture and feel and quickly changed into my yukata and socks 🙂

ryokan room
View of the room, nothing much unusual except that this time I had my own PRIVATE outdoor bath, perfect! 🙂

you just get into a really calm and zen mood in these places….

green field at togura
After a filling 2 hours long dinner in the room, a short stroll outside the ryokan to check out the surrounding in yukata and clogs. It was virtually a dead town except for 1 street that was brimming with nightlife with different host clubs.

** Dinner was absolutely fabulous that I think it warrants a full post of its own…stay tuned 🙂 **


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