Togura, Japan – Day 3(c)

autumn beer
Dinner was served in the room. I was mildly surprised as usually I eat in their in house dining area or restaurant. This time I get to eat in the room…..I was really excited. Prior to checking in, stocked up on the beers at the local cobini. Check out the kirin autumn beer (Yeah, a tip would be to stock up on your drinks and snacks as the prices of the drinks in the vending machine would be like 2-3times more.)

The whole table was slowly filled up along the entire 2 hours dinner…….Here are some of the appetizers, mostly fresh or preserved vegetables from Nagano. The sweet potato was exceptionally flavorful.

Some slices of sashimi, the tuna was exceptionally dark that I wondered if it was really edible.

sakura niku
Sakura Niku (horse meat) I did not know it was horse meat until I had finished it up. I thought it was Sakura flowers with minced meat and thought this meat was so tough even though it was all minced up. Can imagine my jaws dropped to the floor when I realized it was horse meat.

deep fried koi!
Deep fried KOI (yeah, those KOI fish you see swimming in those ponds….)

fresh vegetable nabe
This was an interesting hotpot, the old lady serving kept on stressing that the hotpot water used to heat up the sauce was the ONSEN water….ONSEN WATER ONSEN WATER, she kept on repeating. Then I asked if there is anything special from this hot pot from using the onsen water. Does it make the sauce more fragrant? Made the food more healthy or? She paused for the longest time and said she don’t know. More likely this is a hot spring town, onsen water is abundant and people just use it. I was like =_=!! But the vegetables were really fresh and I thought it tasted better with the home made miso than the hot pot sauce though.

sizzling steak
Nagano beef steak on sizzling rock…..

fresh wasabi
Fresh wasabi where you got to grind it yourself. The saucer had those grooves that you rub the wasabi on it.

tomato puree chawan mushi
This was definitely a west meet Japanese chawan mushi, Tomato puree chawan mushi with distinctive cream taste to it.

Nagano is famous for their soba but I ate it too late, so the soba was all sticking together.

yasa tempura
Vegetable tempura.

okayu and miso soup
Too stuffed so I had porridge and miso soup instead…Porridge is actually “okayu”….In singlish it sound like “Oh-KA YU!” (You are so stupid) haha, now I can remember this.

kyohon grapes
Really sweet kyoho grapes (famous in Nagano too) Just like drinking concentrated grape juice.

Really stuffed to the brim after the dinner that I almost fell into a food coma. But a short stroll helped to digest the food, and came back to a room with the table moved to a corner and futon laid out for sleep. Japanese efficiency!


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